Atlas F Underground Missle Silo Property Information

The property for sale is a former Atlas F Underground Missile Silo Complex.  It includes all improvements to date and the access road with associated right of way property.   This property is being sold “As Is”.

If you are interested in purchasing this underground silo property, please read this page to the end.  There is a viewing fee charged for viewing the site.

2D layout of Control Center and Atlas F Missile Silo Complex (standard design)

3D sketch of the Control Center (aka Command Center) (standard design)

 Atlas F Missile Silo section, current state

The missile silo section is currently filled with water for safety reasons.  The water can be pumped out.  To the best of our knowledge, this does not inhibit future renovation possibilities, but the buyer will need to have that verified by his/her own expert.The original internal missile silo structures were removed by the government when decommissioned.

Launch Control Center section, current state

The Launch Control Center (also referred to as the Command Center), has been cleaned and improved by the current owner.  The cleaning was extensive.  Among the subsequent improvements:

  • Electricity (220v)
  • Lights throughout the 2-story Command Center
  • Wood subflooring
  • Water -(2 wells)  2200 gallon storage tanks inside silo
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Sewer
  • 4″ foam insulation over the concrete walls of the top floor, to eliminate condensation
  • Hallway insulated with extruded foam
  • Conduits (from the original design) which were causing interior moisture and leaking have been sealed.
  • The top level of the Command Center is livable, having been renovated enough so that the owners could stay in it (as opposed to staying in a hotel) while continuing renovations.  It includes electric heating ,2 beds, toilet, large cast iron tub, refrigerator and microwave.

The bottom level of the Command Center is completely surrounded by metal.  It was designed this way to protect against magnetic pulse.  Practically speaking, it’s designed to withstand almost anything, including earthquakes.  Even if a nuclear bomb struck nearby, the bottom floor of the Command Center was designed to be unaffected.

The Command Center section was originally suspended by enormous chains.  It is now set on blocks.   There is a large crawl space under the bottom floor.

All of the hazardous miles of electrical conduits, plumbing, air ducts and rubble have been removed.

The entire Atlas F Missile Silo Complex was designed to withstand anything short of a direct nuclear hit.

All information about the design and purpose of the Atlas F Missile Silo complex has been obtained through public records.   The property is being sold “As Is”, and as such, the seller gives no warranty as to the fitness of the property for the purpose of the buyer.

Other information about the property

  • Two wells on the property
  • Two transformers, one is shared with a neighbor
  • The county has building codes for structures above ground, but no code for underground structures.
  • It may be unlikely that insurance will be obtainable for underground development.
  • This property – which is literally in the middle of a corn field – includes access right of way to the county road, and a small patch of land on the county road.  (The closest overpass on the nearby interstate was created just for access to this missile base.)
  • The property is only 3 miles from a public airport and 4 miles to a town of 8000.
  • This particular Atlas F Missile Silo Complex was designated as the backup Command Center if the SAC headquarters at Lincoln was destroyed.

Groundwater cleanup conducted by the US Army Corp of Engineers

The US Army Corp of Engineers leased this missile silo property for about a decade to be the base point for a cleanup project they recently completed.  As part of the project, the Corp installed many monitoring wells on the property.  The purpose of the project was contaminant monitoring and contaminant removal from the groundwater in the area.

The contaminants came from a fuel line cleaning solvent that had been used by the Air Force when they held ownership of the property.  This is a common issue (to varying degrees of severity) with all former Atlas missile locations.

The monitoring wells have been removed, and the Corp has declared the groundwater to now be clean.  Their full report will be supplied to serious prospective buyers.

Viewing the site

There is a viewing fee of $1,000 for touring the property.  This fee is charged in part because we are only showing the property to serious potential buyers.  There are no refunds for the viewing fee.  If the property is purchased, the viewing fee will be applied to the purchase price.   The fee will be collected when a viewing tour is scheduled.

Purchase Terms

The full purchase price will be due upon closing.  The owner is not offering any type of owner-financing.  The property is being sold “As Is”.  It is incumbent upon the buyer to hire his/her own experts to inspect the property.

An extraordinary piece of history – all underground