Diagrams of the Underground Bunker Living Area

It’s rare to find available underground structures built as solidly as the Atlas F Missile Silo complexes.   Costing about $15M each in 1960 (about $120M in today’s dollars), these structures were built to last!  Of course, they make the perfect bunker.  It helps that a significant part of the complex was originally designed to BE a bunker for missile personnel.

And only 72 were built.

Despite years of neglect, these bunkers are still incredibly sturdy and durable.  Neglect and abuse that would deteriorate ordinary buildings doesn’t weaken these structures.  Clean up can be a tremendous undertaking, but once that’s done, you have one of the best bunkers in the world!

Most start remodeling with the Command Center.  It’s an easy starting choice because it was originally designed for people.  The missile command center was on the top floor and the living quarters on the bottom floor.  For today’s uses, the two-story layout, open space and tall ceilings make for an appealing underground condo layout with a lot of flexibility for a variety of interior designs.

We have pictures on the Gallery page with some photos that show the progress of the cleanup and renovations to date on our bunker.  However, it’s hard to get a feel for just how big the underground living areas are from small photos.  After all, you can’t get a sense of scale by seeing the bunker from the outside, can you?

So to help give a better idea of the space and layout of the bunker living areas (the Launch Control Center area), below you can see diagrams of the underground complex, 2D and 3D.  Click on the picture to see the diagram full-screen.

2-d launch control center diagram
2D layout of Control Center and Atlas F Missile Silo Complex
(standard design)

3-D launch control center diagram
3D sketch of the Control Center (aka Command Center)
(standard design)

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