Missile Silo in Texas turned into underground Bachelor Pad

Back in the ’90’s, a remodeler from Chicago bought a missile silo in Texas.  He didn’t buy it as a bunker – he bought it as an interesting remodeling challenge.  What he has done with it is really quite wonderful.

He has turned the Command Center section of the property into a really cool underground bachelor pad!  This subterranean home looks like it came straight from Hollywood, circa 1963.  If you look at pictures of it (links below), you’ll see the chic living area is reminiscent of classic James Bond (Sean Connery versions, of course!)

At one point in time, this underground home was available for touring.  We are not sure what the status of that is today, but if you want to see pictures of this missile silo renovation, you can check out these great links:



Thinking you may want an underground bachelor pad, too?  All Atlas F Missile Silo complexes were designed with the same layouts.  To see diagrams of the Command Center layouts, see this blog post.


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