Missile Silo For Sale $400,000

Out in the middle of quiet Nebraska farmland, under the big blue Nebraska sky, is a very unusual piece of history.

command-center-entranceAt first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much there.  Some concrete  slabs, a few metal poles… clearly something use to be there, but it’s gone now, right?

Still… upon closer inspection you find some clues that maybe there is more to this place than what meets the eye.


And then you discover something!

Whatever is under your feet, it goes a long, loooong way down…


Welcome to the Missile Silo Underground website!  This site has been created to offer information about an Atlas F Missile Silo underground complex that is for sale. There were only 72 constructed in the 1960’s.  The sales price is $400,000.  You can find out more about the property by reading our Silo Property Information page, looking at our Gallery, and reading our silo property blog.

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An extraordinary piece of history – all underground